Viktor Deni

Deni, Viktor Nikolaevich


(real name, V. N. Denisov). Born Feb. 24 (Mar. 8), 1893, in Moscow; died there Aug. 3, 1946. Soviet graphic artist; one of the founders of the Soviet political poster; cartoonist. Honored Art Worker of the RSFSR (1932).

Deni studied under N. P. Ul’ianov. Between 1910 and 1920 he worked on the staff of the humor magazines Budil’nik, Satirikon, and Solntse Rossii. In 1921 he joined the staff of the newspaper Pravda. Deni’s posters and cartoons were characterized by political acuity, satirical resolution of a theme, a clear contour drawing with patches of color. Among his works are the posters The Entente (1919), On the Grave of the Counterrevolution, Capital, Under the Mask of Peace (all three, 1920), To Moscow! Oho! From Moscow: Oh No! (1941); and drawings for Pravda, including A Specter Roams Through Europe (1924) and Struggling Against the Neglect of Children (1926).


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