Viktor Eftimiu

Eftimiu, Viktor


Born Jan. 24, 1889, in the village of Boboshtitsa, Albania. Rumanian poet, playwright, and theater figure. Academician of the Academy of the Socialist Republic of Rumania.

Eftimiu began to appear in print in 1905. His collections of romantic poems include Poems of Solitude (1912), The Snuffed Church Candles (1915), Holy Swans (1920), Song of Pity (1925), Underground Night (1933), and Mirrors (1938). A book with his early verses, Ode to the Rumanian Language, was published in 1957. Eftimiu’s plays are based on folklore (Be Threaded, Pearl, 1911;Black Rooster, 1913) or on mythology and Rumanian historical material (The Hayduks, 1949;The Magician Doctor Faustus, 1957). His come-dies that ridicule bourgeois morals are Dance of Millions (1922), The Man Who San Death (1928; Russian translation, 1962), and Parade (1962).


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