Viktor Keulkut

Keul’kut, Viktor Grigor’evich


Born Jan. 15, 1929, in the settlement of Tumanskaia, Anadyr Raion, Chukotka; died June 9, 1963, in Magadan. Soviet Chukchi (Luoravetlan) poet.

Keul’kut, the son of a trapper and reindeer breeder, worked as a zootechnician. In 1954 he began working on the newspaper Sovetken Chukotka (Soviet Chukotka). In the same year, his first work was published. Keul’kut’s poetry described the life and work of trappers and reindeer breeders and the Chukotka landscape. He also wrote poems for and about children.


Gymnin Chukotka. Magadan, 1958.
In Russian translation:
Moia Chukotka. Magadan, 1958.
Pust’ stoit moroz. Moscow, 1958.
Solntse nad Chukotkoi. Moscow, 1966. (Poems. Preface by Iu. Rytkheu.)


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