Viktor Odintsov

Odintsov, Viktor Petrovich


Born Oct. 11 (23), 1876, in Ufa; died Nov. 21, 1938, in Moscow. Soviet ophthalmologist.

In 1897, Odintsov was expelled from Moscow University for participating in the student movement. In 1904 he graduated from the University of Munich. Odintsov worked as a zemstvo (district and provincial) physician. In 1918 he was appointed a professor and director of the eye clinic of Moscow University, which he headed for 20 years (in 1938 the clinic was named in honor of Odintsov).

Odintsov’s principal works deal with the pathological anatomy of the eye and the clinical symptoms and treatment of many eye diseases. He was the author of a teaching manual for eye diseases (5th ed., 1946). Odintsov founded an important school of ophthalmologists.


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