Viktor Vladimirovich Lebedev

Lebedev, Viktor Vladimirovich


Born Aug. 20 (Sept. 2), 1909, in Moscow. Soviet architect. Honored Builder of the RSFSR (1966).

Lebedev studied at the Leningrad Academy of Art (1930–36). He worked on several public and residential buildings in Moscow—for example, the Hotel Sovetskaia (1950, with I. I. Loveiko and P. P. Shteller; State Prize of the USSR, 1951), an apartment house on Novospasskii Lane (1953), the lobby of the Prospect Mira Metro station (1958), and apartment houses on Volokolamsk Highway (1958–59). Lebedev supervised the construction of the Moscow Academic School of Choreography (1965–67; State Prize of the RSFSR, 1969) and is supervising housing construction in the Veshniaki-Vladychino district. Lebedev received the Order of the Badge of Honor and several medals.