Vil Vladimirovich Lipatov

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Lipatov, Vil’ Vladimirovich


Born Apr. 10,1927, in Chita. Soviet Russian writer. Member of the CPSU since 1957.

Lipatov graduated from the Tomsk Pedagogic Institute in 1952. His first works were published in 1956. Lipatov is the author of the novellas The Six (1958), The Captain of the Smelyi (1959), Glukhaia Miata (1960), The Deep Stream (1961), The Death of Egor Suzun (1963), The Village Detective (1967; screen version, 1969), Lida Varaksina (1968), The Tale of Director Pronchatov (1969; the television film Engineer Pronchatov, 1972), Gray Mouse (1970), and Back Before the War (1971). He has also written short stories and sketches. Lipatov is particularly interested in ethical and moral problems. His usual protagonists are fishermen, river men, woodcutters, and Siberian kolkhoz villagers. Lipatov received the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and a medal.


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