a town in Balv Raion, Latvian SSR, in the north-eastern part of the republic. Situated on Lake Vijaka, 8 km southwest of the railroad station Vecumi on the Riga-Pytalovo line. Population, 2,800 (1969). Vijaka processes flax and produces dairy products and knitwear. The settlement has been known since the 13th century, and it has been a town since 1945.

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Contract awarded for Supply of two 110 kv transformers to vilaka substation
In Rezekne, protesting drivers created traffic jams of several kilometres and threatened the government they would "block international highways." At the same time in Vilaka, another town in Latgale, a few hundred people were "protesting around the town hall and blocking traffic." The Speaker of the Latvian parliament in Riga named Latgalians "marauders," security forces took care of the unrest with little publicity, and the case was closed.
In addition, part of the P-45 road, some 7 km between Vilaka and Karsava, will be overhauled.
Tenders are invited for State Regional Motorway P35 Gulbene - Balvi - Vilaka - Russian border (Sunny) km 2,14 - 12,68 rebuild
444 / 00- 675/56 Kubuli, Viksnas, Berzkalne parish, Balvi district, Susa Kuprava, iguri parishes Vilaka Liepnas district and parish of the Aluksne district restoration of the building design and production supervision