Viljo Johannes Kojo

Kojo, Viljo Johannes


Born Dec. 13, 1891, in Kaukola. Finnish author.

The son of a peasant, Kojo graduated from art school. He emerged as a lyric poet with the collections Morning Wind (1914) and Town and Country (1916). The life of the Finnish countryside and its relationship with the city are the basic themes of his novels The Carefree Parishioners (1921), The Fourth Commandment (1930), and Black Earth and Asphalt (1953). The collections Anna-Marie From the Post House (1928), Love Letter (1936), and The Cripple’s Bread (1950) contain humorous sketches of manners and morals.


Valitut teokset. Helsinki, 1957.
Taiteen tie on pitka. [Helsinki] 1960.
Näin puhui Sarahutta. [Helsinki] 1961.


Maailman kirjat ja kirjailijat. Edited by T. Anhava. Helsinki, 1957.