Villim Gennin

Gennin, Villim Ivanovich


(or Georg Wilhelm de Gen-nin). Born Oct. 11 (21), 1676; died Apr. 12 (23), 1750. Specialist and organizer of the mining and metallurgical industry in Russia; lieutenant general.

A Dutchman by origin, Gennin entered Russian service in 1698. He took part in the Northern War of 1700-21. From 1713 to 1722, Gennin was the chief of mining operations in the Olonets region. In 1722 he began directing mining in the Urals. During his tenure old mining installations were improved and nine new ones were established. After his return from the Urals in 1734, Gennin managed the Chief Artillery Chancellery, supervised the reconstruction of the Tula Works, and directed the Sestroretsk plants.


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