Pancho Villa

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Villa, Pancho

(1878–1923) notorious Mexican bandit and revolutionary. [Mex. Hist.: EB, X: 435–436]
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Caption: A typical mounted villista, armed with a Model 95 Mauser carbine and crisscrossed bandoliers of ammunition.
(5) This explains why, after Pancho Villa and at least 300 Villistas raided Columbus, New Mexico, on 9 March 1916, President Wilson ordered Brigadier General Pershing and his troops into Mexico to capture or kill Villa--but not to wage war against the de facto Mexican government led by Venustiano Carranza.
On the way home for lunch, Nacha noticed that not all the Villistas had left the town.
Patton, a member of Gen Pershing's staff, carried an engraved Colt SAA revolver with ivory grips, with which he purportedly, accounted for several villistas.
Perhaps her greatest contribution to the historiography of the Columbus raid is exactly this portion of her study, which includes detailed research into the series of trials held for captured Villistas. Historians should admire her original research involving previously unopened claims files in the U.S.