the name of several rivers in Perm’ Oblast, RSFSR. The largest of these flows from the left into the Us’va River (Kama basin). Length, 170 km; basin area, 3,020 sq km. The Vil’va flows along the western slope of the Central Urals through taiga forests. It has many rapids. The Vil’va can be used for floating timber. There are deposits of hard coal (at Gremiachinsk) in the Vil’va basin.

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Lokalizacija genitalnih bradavica vulva 34% vagina 8% cervix 1% perianal 3% vilva + vagina 23% vulva + perianal 14% vagina + perianal 1% vulva + vagina + perianal 16% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Speaking on the occasion Mr Vilva Natarajan Founder and CEO of Karomi Technology said, "We are today a leading enterprise solution provider in the areas of document management and business process automation.
En ocasiones la empresa ha optado por realizar contratos con otras empresas del mismo sector para adquirir pollos beneficiados, los que son empacados con la marca Vilva que representa a AVIROSA.