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a Neolithic culture (end of the fifth, beginning of the fourth millenium B.C.) on the Balkan Peninsula. This culture was widespread mainly in the valleys of the Vardar and Morava rivers. It derives its name from the vinča Tell (10m high) on the southern bank of the Danube near Belgrade (excavations were carried out here by M. Vasić beginning in 1908). Only the foundation layers of the vinča Tell date back to the vinča culture proper. The most ancient dwellings of the culture were semidugouts; later dwellings were rectangular, timber structures. Implements include long-bladed stone axes with curved edges, hoes, and adzes made of deer antlers; other tools were made of obsidian. Small objects were fashioned of copper. The delicate, gray and black, glazed ceramics have ribbon-like incised ornamentation forming spiral and winding designs. Of interest are the anthropomorphic and zoomorphic vessels and figurines. The population engaged in farming, livestock raising, and fishing. The vinča culture replaced the Starcevo culture.


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