viola tricolor

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Adorable cute flowers mixing purple, yellow and white. Flowers edible with a delicious, mild mint wintergreen flavor. Leaf tea used for sickness, sore throats, epilepsy, blood purifier, asthma, bronchitis, rheumatism, heart palpitations, skin problems, eczema, calming sedative. A great addition to drinks, soups, desserts or salads.
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Se describe la biologia y el ciclo de vida de Issoria lathonia (Linnaeus, 1758) sobre su planta hospedera, Viola tricolor L.
Occurring of 15-cis-violaxanthins in viola tricolor.
The herbal remedy Viola tricolor has a cleansing action upon delicate skin.
In addition take 15 drops of Viola tricolor in a little water twice daily.
Then, before going to bed, soak a cotton pad with viola tricolor cream and dab it over the whole face.
Viola tricolor may also help, with its skin-nourishing properties.
Start him on Bioforce's Viola Tricolor (five drops, twice daily in a little water) and apply Dr.