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Nicox will conduct clinical studies in order to launch a medical product for the management of viral conjunctivitis potentially within the next two years.
The spectrum of viral conjunctivitis varies from mild illness to severe inflammation of eyes with significant morbidity.
The differential diagnosis of bacterial conjunctivitis includes chlamydial and viral conjunctivitis, which shall be discussed in detail later, along with other forms, such as allergic and irritant conjunctivitis.
On the other hand, the etiology can not be predicted based on the the clinical examination, since the signs and symptoms of bacterial and viral conjunctivitis can overlap (27).
Viral conjunctivitis is often associated with fever and its symptoms include a watery discharge and itch.
The same viruses that cause the common cold can cause viral conjunctivitis.
Viral conjunctivitis can be transmitted from one person to another by casual contact, sharing towels or pillow cases, facial contact, or sharing of cosmetics.
For viral conjunctivitis, try sterile saline drops to clean the eye and make it feel more comfortable.
Viral conjunctivitis causes little discharge, but if present it is clear.
The National Public Health Service for Wales (NPHS) has identified 59 cases of viral conjunctivitis in the Rhondda Fach Valley in South Wales.
A total of 30 cases of viral conjunctivitis have so far been reported, mainly in the Rhondda.
NCT, which is a derivative of a naturally occurring substance in the body, has already completed pilot Phase II studies in Europe, where it has been shown to have promising anti-microbial activity and to be safe and well- tolerated in such applications as sinus and ear infections, as well as in viral conjunctivitis.