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Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend of The Who who have |been forced to postpone all 50 dates on their North American tour because frontman Roger Daltrey has viral meningitis
Julie's son Joshua contracted viral meningitis when he was eight years old in March last year.
The epidemiology of viral meningitis hospitalization in childhood.
But Pearce admitted his heart sank when Sturridge was struck down with viral meningitis.
Daniel has viral meningitis, but I spoke to him and he feels better now," he said.
Viral meningitis is not as serious as bacterial meningitis, which effects the fluids surrounding the brain and can be deadly.
Viral meningitis isn't life-threatening, but it can take people a long time to recover and there is no vaccine to prevent it.
The outspoken Nanfang Daily said that of 17 new serious H1N1 cases at the Shenzhen Third People's Hospital that were reported this month, five adults and a child developed potentially life-threatening viral meningitis.
DEREK THOMPSON, presenter for Channel 4 Racing, was taken to Addenbrooke's Hospital in Cambridge at the weekend with suspected viral meningitis, writes Thompson had complained of feeling unwell when on duty at Doncaster on Saturday and returned to his home in Ashley, Newmarket before being rushed to Addenbrooke's by ambulance later that evening.
Viral meningitis is a condition that can cause life-changing after-effects and although it is very rarely life-threatening, it can take people a long time to recover.
In the first case, the suspected meningitis turned out to be common flu; the second was viral meningitis, which is not serious; and the most recent case was acute tonsillitis.