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Tselinny Kray,

Kazakhstan: see Virgin Lands TerritoryVirgin Lands Territory,
Rus. Tselinny Kray, former administrative division, c.231,000 sq mi (598,300 sq km), Central Asian USSR, in Kazakhstan. Created in 1960 by the merger of Kokchetav (Kökshetau), Kustanay (Qostanay), North Kazakhstan, Pavlodar, and Akmolinsk
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In addition to the exposure to a variety of new attitudes and literary themes, many individuals broadened their horizons, traveling to take part in the Soviet grand-construction projects, such as the Virgin Lands campaign, or a few privileged people who, like Khrushchev himself, traveled abroad.
His unwillingness to depart from a Stalinist foreign policy and his disagreements with Khrushchev over the Virgin Lands campaign and the Secret Speech (February 1956), though, cost him all his government posts after the failed attempt to oust Khrushchev from power in 1957.
They begin by studying how climate affects agriculture in Russia, and then describe in detail the differences among various periods, including the pre- and post-revolutionary, the era of collectivization, post-war recovery, the Virgin Lands campaign, and the periods of agricultural intensification and stagnation experienced from 1965 to 1990.

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