Virgin Mary

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Virgin Mary:

see MaryMary,
in the Bible, mother of Jesus. Christian tradition reckons her the principal saint, naming her variously the Blessed Virgin Mary, Our Lady, and Mother of God (Gr., theotokos). Her name is the Hebrew Miriam.
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Virgin Mary

immaculately conceived; mother of Jesus Christ. [N.T.: Matthew 1:18–25; 12:46–50; Luke 1:26–56; 11:27–28; John 2; 19:25–27]
See: Purity
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Virginia creeper

1. a vitaceous woody vine, Parthenocissus quinquefolia, of North America, having tendrils with adhesive tips, bluish-black berry-like fruits, and compound leaves that turn red in autumn: widely planted for ornament
2. a similar related plant, Parthenocissus tricuspidata, of SE Asia, having trilobed leaves and purple berries

Virgin Mary

Mary, the mother of Christ
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The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary is one of the oldest Marian solemnities and one of the principal feasts of the liturgical devotion to the Blessed Mother.
Interior Minister Joachim Brudzinski, announced on Twitter May 6 that the woman was arrested for "carrying out a profanation of the Virgin Mary of Czestochowa."
"Every month of May, we celebrate a flower festival and we offer this to the Virgin Mary," said Ho, who has been a member of SCC for nearly 40 years.
President Duterte, in 2017, signed a law that declared the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception on December 8 as a national holiday in recognition of the Filipinos' strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Christian celebration of the Annunciation is held on March 25 to commemorate the moment Archangel Gabriel informed the Virgin Mary that she would be the mother of Jesus Christ.
September is the feast day of the Blessed Virgin Mary, one of the most famous women in history.
Also, as the Catholic Church is preparing for the celebration of the Nativity of Mary, this event is also a good opportunity for all the devotees to come and join the Blessed Virgin Mary on her way to our Lord Jesus Christ.
The terrorist, who was wearing an explosive belt was trying to infiltrate through people who were celebrating the occasion of Virgin Mary day at the church of the "Blessed Virgin Mary".
Police and archaeologists were called in on Friday by the Pano Arodes community leader, Matheos Stefanou, after the woman alerted him that she had found the remains as directed in her vision and that they were buried in a cave next to the church dedicated to Virgin Mary. It is believed there are four skulls and a number of other bones at the site.
A Lebanese judge sentenced three men guilty of "contempt of religion" for insulting the Virgin Mary, forcing them to learn about the Holy Qur'an's Surat Al-Omran that glorifies both the Christian figures of Mary and Jesus Christ.
BEIRUT -- A Lebanese judge ordered three Muslim young men who insulted Christianity to memorize verses from the Quran's Al-Omran surah which glorifies Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ.

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