Coconut Oil

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coconut oil

[′kō·kə‚nət ‚ȯil]
A nearly colorless or yellow oil from fresh coconut (Cocos nucifera) or from copra (dried coconut); used in foods, in making soap, and as a raw material in fatty-acid production.
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Coconut Oil


a fatty vegetable oil obtained from copra, the dried flesh of the fruit of the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera). It is one of the “hard” oils. Density, 0.925 g/cm3; coagulation temperature, 19°–23°C. Its composition is as follows (in percent): stearic acid, 1.0–3.0; palmitic acid, 7.5–10.5; myristic acid, 13–19; lauric acid, 44–52; caproic acid, 0.2–2.0; caprylic acid, 6.0–9.7; capric acid, 4.5–10.0; oleic acid, 5–8; linoleic acid, 1.5–2.8; hexadecenic acid, up to 1.3. Kinematic viscosity at 50°C, (251–264) × 10-6 m2/sec; iodine number, 7–10.5. Coconut oil has great industrial value and is used mainly in the manufacture of soap and cosmetics, as well as in the food industry (in the production of margarine).

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The global virgin coconut oil has been segmented on the basis of type and application.
Virtually all research with virgin coconut oil focuses on cardiovascular biomarkers.
Conclusion: Our study has demonstrated that virgin coconut oil could affect infant growth and appearance via maternal intake; we suggest the use of virgin coconut oil as herbal medicine to be treated with caution.
Considering this and the fact that coconut oil is rich in MCFAs and poor in LCFAs, the use of extra virgin coconut oil could be effective in the treatment of obesity.
In what might seem as the first study of its kind, a few researchers in India have conducted a study to prove that the antioxidants in virgin coconut oil reduces inflammation causing arthritis more effectively than pharmaceutical drugs and medicines.
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"Virgin coconut oil, or the type linked to many health benefits, is different from the partially hydrogenated coconut oil typically used in the past," says Cleveland Clinic dietitian Julia Zumpano, RD, LD.
Using extra virgin coconut oil as a lubricant and warm Sesame compress, this 90- minute therapy priced at ` 3,200 increases blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair roots.
Proponents of this "cold-pressed" virgin coconut oil say that it's a healthier, more natural fat than conventional coconut oil.
Virgin coconut oil, extra omegas, and the inclusion of antioxident berries give our food the extr a punch the immune system needs." Products available in independent pet supply stores and direct shipped to consumers.
To stay sugar free they are sweetened with a natural fruit syrup made from apples, grapes and carob and the finest Sri Lankan organic virgin coconut oil sort of sticks them together.