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Virginia Company,

name of two English colonizing companies, chartered by King James I in 1606. By the terms of the charter, the Virginia Company of London (see London CompanyLondon Company,
corporation composed of stockholders residing in and about London, which, together with the Plymouth Company (see Virginia Company), was granted (1606) a charter by King James I to found colonies in America.
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) was given permission to plant a colony 100 mi (160 km) square between lat. 34°N and lat. 41°N; the Virginia Company of Plymouth (see Plymouth ColonyPlymouth Colony,
settlement made by the Pilgrims on the coast of Massachusetts in 1620. Founding

Previous attempts at colonization in America (1606, 1607–8) by the Plymouth Company, chartered in 1606 along with the London Company (see Virginia Company), were
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), to found a colony between lat. 38°N and lat. 45°N. The overlapping area was open to settlement by either company, though neither might establish a colony within 100 mi of the other. A local council was to be set up in each colony, but the king, through a council in England, had the final authority. By 1609 the Plymouth Company had become inactive, and the London Company was granted its own individual charter in that year. The Plymouth Company later received (1620) a new charter as the Council for New England.
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Service Center Metals, a Virginia company and one of the fastest-growing industrial assets in the Commonwealth, has been sold.
In 1617, the Virginia Company of London received word of much unrest among the exhausted colonists.
Edward Maria Wingfield was one of the financial backers of the Virginia Company of London.
As one Gates loyalist paraphrased it, Hopkins argued that the Virginia Company's "authority ceased when the wreck was committed, and, with it, they were all then freed from the government of any man." Bermuda was a place of abundance, and a settler marooned there was bound only "to provide for himself and his own family"; the passengers need not submit to anyone's orders except to the extent that "it so pleased themselves."
Dominion has said an outright repeal of the BLRA would torpedo the deal, as the Virginia company has said it must be allowed to continue to recoup V.C.
The Fund is managed by Millennium Strategic Investments LLC, a Virginia company formed in 2007 that specializes in real estate acquisition and management.
A Rochester woman who operates several beauty pageants is suing a Virginia company for trademark infringement and numerous other claims.
Accordingly, when the Virginia Company was formed in London in 1606 under the supervision of a royal council (Norton et al.
His topics are locations, the Virginia Company, revolutionary nostalgia, the history of light, and time bomb--The Actors' Renaissance Season.
They secured permission from King James to obtain a land patent from the London Virginia Company to settle at the mouth of the Hudson River.
Britain's ties to Bermuda date back to 1609, when the flagship of the Virginia Company, the Sea Venture, was shipwrecked on its way to the new English colony of Jamestown in Virginia.

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