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(Virtual Network Computing) Open source remote control software that lets someone take control of another user's computer in a distant location. Running under popular operating systems as well as Java, there are numerous VNC applications, both free and commercial, including UltraVNC (, TeamViewer (, ShowMyPC ( and RealVNC (, the latter maintained by some of the original developers of the software.

Developed at Olivetti & Oracle Research Labs in the U.K. in the late 1990s, the Labs were acquired by AT&T in 1999. See remote control software.

VNC Remote Control
A VNC server is the host being accessed, while the VNC client is the controlling and viewing computer.
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Popular solutions providing remote KVM functionality include virtual network computing (VNC) and remote desktop protocol (RDP), applications that run on the operating systems (OS) of the client or host server and the target server.'s free Virtual Network Computing software.
to deploy AppSpot(tm), WorkSpot's web-enabling thin client software solution based on Virtual Network Computing (VNC) technology.
VNC stands for Virtual Network Computing and is a combination of server software, a communication protocol and a client remote display, called a viewer.

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