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virtual assistant

(1) An individual who performs administrative functions for clients. See human virtual assistant.

(2) An application that provides a verbal exchange of questions and answers in the user's native language. Although virtual assistants are a feature in tablets, desktop computers and table top units, their inclusion in the smartphone made the phone an incredibly useful electronic companion.

Also called a "personal assistant," "digital assistant," "intelligent assistant," "voice assistant" and "intelligent agent," Apple popularized the concept in 2011 with Siri, and Google, Microsoft and Amazon followed. See Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana and Amazon Echo.

Virtual assistants are also used to make phone calls and set alarms, reminders and calendar appointments, as well as turn on lights, music and other smart home devices. Over time, results become more personalized. Virtual assistants were the first embodiment of artificial intelligence used every day by millions of people (see AI). See chatbot and smart home.

A Reverse Evolution
Whereas countless applications evolved from desktop to mobile, the opposite occurred with virtual assistants. Starting out in phones and tablets, they migrated to the desktop and table top (see Cortana, Amazon Echo, Google Home and Apple HomePod).

Heavy Lifting in the Cloud
The virtual assistant is primarily driven by knowledge bases on the Internet. However, that vast amount of information is combined with the user's own contacts and calendar to provide very personalized assistance. See knowledge base, Semantic Web, AI and S Voice.
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As Snapp is integrated with Apple's virtual personal assistant Siri, iPhone users have the option of sending money by using voice instructions.
Rad went on to say that artificial intelligence might be incorporated into Tinder by way of a virtual personal assistant able to recommend matches and offer ideas for dates.
M2 PHARMA-March 14, 2017-Arthritis Research UK and IBM develop Watson-powered 'virtual personal assistant'
"From the student perspective, we've created a virtual personal assistant that learns more about the student after each interaction and is more effective as a result," said Anderson.
A PC can serve as an "information butler" at home, a combination of a chat bot and voice-activated virtual personal assistant, with revenue from developers and third-party content and service providers, such as those in retail, healthcare, education, video or music.
Rolls-Royce has unveiled its vision of the future codenamed 103EX which its makers say it is the marque's first pure 'Vision Vehicle', along with a virtual personal assistant cum-chauffeur called Eleanor.
Furthermore, the new browser includes Cortana, a virtual personal assistant. Cortana's goal is to improve the user's browsing experience by leveraging what it knows about the user.
Now get a virtual personal assistant on your next vacation to take care of all your luxury travel needs.
Back in 2007, when my co-founders and I created Siri, we were trying to build the world's first true virtual personal assistant, to make interacting with your devices as simple as a conversation.
Just like Siri, Alfred is billed as virtual personal assistant. Just like Siri, Alfred relies on artificial intelligence techniques.
Siri virtual personal assistant and Maps software will be added to Cue's online services group, which includes iTunes and the App Store.
While awareness of the virtual personal assistant is still relatively low--15 percent of those surveyed responded they didn't know what Siri is--eMarketer estimates 68.6 million Americans will use a smartphone to conduct mobile research and browsing this year.