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Intramuros Administrator Guiller Asido said the seven stops for Visita Iglesia on March 29 will include the Manila Cathedral, the San Agustin Church, the San Ignacio Church site, the Guadalupe Shrine in Fort Santiago, the Knights of Columbus Fr.
The faithful, during Visita Iglesia, visit either the Altar of Repose or the Stations of the Cross in the church.
Just like the previous years, it will be Visita Iglesia for me on Thursday.
Take advantage of the long weekend and spend time with your family while doing the Visita Iglesia.
Here are my plans: Visita Iglesia on Thursday, then Good Friday mass the day after.
An old Roman Catholic custom exported to the Philippines during the Spanish colonial period, the Visita Iglesia goes back to the Middle Ages when pilgrims visited the seven basilicas of Rome on Holy Thursday as a form of penance for their sins.
I must admit that my Visita Iglesia these days has more to do with history and aesthetics than devotion because it is guided by the history behind each church.
Visita Iglesia (Church Visitation) is one of only three festive occasions during the Holy Week, with Palm Sunday and Easter.
By the time the Spaniards brought the tradition of the Visita Iglesia to the country, the number of Rome's basilicas corresponded to the seven churches of Intramuros.
The Visita Iglesia, one of our Holy Week traditions, would be the pilgrimage the Holy Father encourages, which should bring us to the Holy Door of Mercy, which can be found in specifically designated churches in dioceses.