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, vizor
a small movable screen used as protection against glare from the sun, esp one attached above the windscreen of a motor vehicle



the front part of a helmet that protects the face from blows of an opponent’s silent weapons. The visor was fixed tightly to the helmet or was movable (a liftable visor).

Old Russian helmets had, instead of a visor, a narrow metal plate (a “nose”), which covered the middle part of the face. The Old Russian spiked helmets had a chain-mail net, which hung from the head onto the face and shoulders.



An electronic PDA originally from Handspring, Mountain View, CA ( that was introduced in 1999 by the people who invented and marketed the PalmPilot. Based on the Palm OS, it was the first handheld to use the USB interface. Later retired, but still supported, Visor can be expanded via its Springboard expansion slot to accommodate hardware and software modules for such applications as business software, games, GPS systems, MP3 players and digital cameras. In 2003, Handspring was acquired by Palm, Inc. and, for a time, the merged company was renamed palmOne, Inc. In 2005, it switched back to Palm, Inc. For more information, visit

The Visor
The Visor is expandable via its Springboard expansion slot, which in this case holds the Yada Yada wireless modem. (Image courtesy of Yada Yada Inc.)
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Thirty surgeons/assistants participated in the study, and a total of 49 visors were collected.
The SIRIUS One and XACT Visor offer easy and inexpensive ways to access SIRIUS' superior programming," said Bob Law, SIRIUS' Senior Vice President and General Manager, Consumer Electronics Division.
Former King Bryan Smolinski, now with the Senators, started wearing a visor last year with the Kings after suffering a detached retina.
The eyemodule2, which costs $199, turns a Visor handheld into a camera that can capture black-and-white and color photos, as well as eight-second "movies.
All of the Clear View visor distributors we contacted told us they don't stock this product; it's a special-order item that's shipped directly from Ayers.
But the bigger issue now is whether players can overcome a longstanding prejudice against the visor and make the league a safer place.
With the new Z800 3D Visor and other products on the horizon from eMagin and our OEM customers, people will for the first time begin to access the power of large view imaging for diverse applications ranging from defense-security and medical imaging to gaming and home entertainment.
IT SEEMS more than a coincidence that Stravinsky produced his career-best performance in a first-time visor in the 1999 July Cup, and that an unusually high number of his offspring have responded in a positive way to wearing a visor for the first time.
For seven years on the syndicated ``TNG'' television series and in Geordi's first film appearance, ``Star Trek Generations,'' the guy who keeps the Enterprise warping was saddled with a goofy-looking wraparound VISOR.
Attendees at this week's E3 show can experience eMagin's Z800 3D Visor at Booth 6722 in the Kentia exhibit hall of the Los Angeles Convention Center.