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, vizor
a small movable screen used as protection against glare from the sun, esp one attached above the windscreen of a motor vehicle



the front part of a helmet that protects the face from blows of an opponent’s silent weapons. The visor was fixed tightly to the helmet or was movable (a liftable visor).

Old Russian helmets had, instead of a visor, a narrow metal plate (a “nose”), which covered the middle part of the face. The Old Russian spiked helmets had a chain-mail net, which hung from the head onto the face and shoulders.



An electronic PDA originally from Handspring, Mountain View, CA ( that was introduced in 1999 by the people who invented and marketed the PalmPilot. Based on the Palm OS, it was the first handheld to use the USB interface. Later retired, but still supported, Visor can be expanded via its Springboard expansion slot to accommodate hardware and software modules for such applications as business software, games, GPS systems, MP3 players and digital cameras. In 2003, Handspring was acquired by Palm, Inc. and, for a time, the merged company was renamed palmOne, Inc. In 2005, it switched back to Palm, Inc. For more information, visit

The Visor
The Visor is expandable via its Springboard expansion slot, which in this case holds the Yada Yada wireless modem. (Image courtesy of Yada Yada Inc.)
References in classic literature ?
Their visors closed, their lances in the rest, Or at the helmet pointed or the crest, They vanish from the barrier, speed the race, And spurring see decrease the middle space.
The address of the riders recovered their steeds by use of the bridle and spur; and having glared on each other for an instant with eyes which seemed to flash fire through the bars of their visors, each made a demi-volte, and, retiring to the extremity of the lists, received a fresh lance from the attendants.
This he did, and from then on the boy never rode abroad except in armor, and when he met others upon the high road his visor was always lowered that none might see his face.
Two knights in full armor, with lances raised and closed visors, sat their horses on either side, while in the centre, with two pages to tend upon him, there stood a noble-faced man in flowing purple gown, who pricked off upon a sheet of parchment the style and title of each applicant, marshalling them in their due order, and giving to each the place and facility which his rank demanded.
The LifeBEAM Hat and Visor allow athletes to continuously measure heart rate, calorie consumption and steps and then transmit the data to any device with Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity.
Visorcat is a world first in visor cleaning technology - for the first time motorcyclists can safely wash, as well as wipe, the visor while on the bike, improving vision and safety.
But you 'II need two upper tracks and two lower tracks for each visor assembly.
Photo B) In this visor, the outside feathers were 12 inches and the center feather ended up being 13 inches long.
The visor can be worn on its own by adjusting the cord to fit your head or can connect directly to your glasses by slipping their arms through the elastic loops at its corners.
Voted down: The NHL players' association is conducing an informal poll of all 30 teams to gauge support for a rule making visors mandatory for all players.
Should the soldier breath in some kind of harmful agent with the visor up or the helmet off, the uniform sensor will immediately detect it, release tiny embedded capsules to counter it, and inject treatment into the soldier's body.
Under the promotion flying club members who travel round-trip once in Upper Class or twice in Premium Economy from the USA to London between 1 March and 30 June 2000 will receive a complimentary Handspring Visor Deluxe.