Windows Vista versions

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Windows Vista versions

Following are the client versions of Windows Vista. Except for Starter 2007, all Vistas are available in 32- and 64-bit versions. See Windows Vista.

Vista Starter 2007
A 32-bit version for PCs outside the U.S. No support for the Aero interface, and only three concurrent applications can run at once.

Vista Home Basic
Supports 8GB memory, but not the Aero interface.

Vista Home Premium
Supports 16GB memory and Aero interface. Includes the Media Center interface introduced with XP. See Windows Media Center.

Vista Business
Supports 128GB memory. Includes IIS Web server, Remote Desktop, backup utility and support for dual processors.

Vista Enterprise
Same as Vista Business plus BitLocker encryption, limited virtualization (Virtual PC Express) and Subsystem for Unix Applications (SUA).

Vista Ultimate
For PC enthusiasts. Combines Home Premium and Enterprise versions plus support for podcasting and advanced gaming.
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That's one way of making a hard Brexit.<br />A U.K.-based synthetic diamond manufacturer announced Thursday that it will open a facility in Gresham Vista Business Park.<br />The manufacturer, Element Six, is a division of De Beers Group.
The software is compatible with Windows XP Pro, Vista Business and Windows 7.
Before joining Appnomic Systems, Solnik was president and CEO of Buena Vista Business services, a California consultancy that provides interim executive leadership and management consulting services to technology companies.
The consumer editions of Vista SP2 — Vista Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate — exit support in April 2012, while the corporate versions of Vista Business and Vista Enterprise will be supported with security patches through mid-April 2017.
This device runs on Windows 7 Professional, Vista Business and XP Tablet Edition operating systems.
It supports both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies and runs on Windows 7 Professional, Vista Business and XP Table Edition operating systems.
Both models run the Windows Vista Business 64-bit operating system and feature advanced Intel CPUs.
The tablet PC is offered with the option of Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Vista Business or Windows XP.
HP 2133 MINI-NOTEBOOK This one's strictly for work as it comes bundled with Windows Vista Business supported by a 2 GB RAM.