Vistula Lagoon

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Vistula Lagoon,

Pol. Zalew Wiślany, shallow inlet of the Baltic Sea, 322 sq mi (834 sq km), c.60 mi (100 km) long and from 6 to 11 mi (9.7–18 km) wide, N Poland and W Russia, separated from the Gulf of Danzig by a narrow sand spit. The Nogat and Pregel rivers flow into the lagoon. A dredged channel cuts across the northern end of the inlet and links the Baltic Sea with the Kaliningrad ship canal. The lagoon's shoreline is generally marshy. Kaliningrad is the chief city on the lagoon.

Vistula Lagoon


an inlet of the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in Kaliningrad Oblast, RSFSR, and Poland. It is approximately 90 km long and 2-25 km wide with a depth of 3-5 m. The lagoon is separated from the sea by the narrow, sandy Baltic spit (Vistula Spit), which is up to 60 km long. In the north the Vistula Lagoon is connected with the Gulf of Gdańsk by a strait whose width extends up to 860 m. The lagoon’s ports include Baltiisk (on the shore of the strait) and Kaliningrad.

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