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a Western Slavic tribal union centered around Kraków. It is first mentioned in the second half of the ninth century when the Wislanie founded the principality of Little Poland. In the end of the ninth century the Wislanie entered into the Great Moravian State, but later (in the beginning of the tenth century) they became part of Bohemia. At the end of the tenth century, during the reign of Boleslaw the Brave, Little Poland with the Wislanie lands and Krakow were annexed by the Polish state.


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16) Pope John Paul II in Slavorum Apostolici wrote that although the Life of Methodius mentioned the prince of the Vislits, this being the first reference to Vistulan Poles in history, that there wasn't enough evidence to formally link the institution of the Slavic Rite to Vistulans.
Methodius tried to get rid of Wiching by sending him away, perhaps on a mission to the Vistulan Poles, but by 885 Wiching was back in Rome conniving, and when Methodius died, the new pope, Stephen V, named him bishop of Nitra.