Visual BASIC Script

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Visual BASIC Script

(VBScript) Microsoft's scripting language which is an extension of their Visual Basic language. VBScript can be used with Microsoft Office applications and others. It can also be embedded in web pages but can only be understood by Internet Explorer.

Visual Basic is a BASIC variant with object-oriented features. Objects include applications, windows and selections.

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Microsoft uses Visual Basic Script (vbscript) or Active Server Pages to communicate with each web application.
A single COM automation client (such as a Visual Basic script) can create or connect to instances of applications that are COM automation servers.
Problem attachments include visual basic script (.vbs) and executable (.exe) files.
This method let a program written in Visual Basic Script, Javascript, Perl, or other scripting languages control software functions.
But the VBS stands for Visual Basic Script and ZoneLabs has a new version of of its anti-viral software, which includes a nifty item called Mailsafe.
They are designed using the very latest Microsoft development technology, including Visual C/C++ 6.0, the Microsoft Foundation Class and Visual Basic Script. PASSPORT's use of the latest Microsoft development tools ensures a seamless migration to Windows 2000.
The following Visual Basic script will combine the multiple holdings field information into a single field called "Holdings."
According to Paul Maritz, group vice president of the platforms group at Microsoft, "ActiveVRML provides content authors, tools vendors, and the industry with a rich framework for describing interactive 3-D multimedia scenes while providing programmers with the ability to plug in software components written in Visual Basic Script, Java, and C++."
Custom processing instructions can be inserted onto the X-Stream flow, and Visual Basic script, MATLAB file, Mathcad, or Excel calculations can be added to the list of signal-parameter calculations.
According to Computer Associates International the virus payload consists of dropping two Visual Basic Script files and registry modifications so that the scripts will run on Windows startup.

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