visual language

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This dynamic, modern and agile visual language infuses renewed energy to every touchpoint symbolizing LTI's passion for client success.
Finally, saliency map weighted visual language model is carried out to accomplish object classification.
Research conducted in the Visual Language Laboratory at Gallaudet University indicates that deaf children whose first language is ASL achieve higher levels of English competency, due to the carry-over effect of a visually accessible language.
It's a vital paradigm shift that ensures that the widest possible visual language is available to depict and authentically represent people across the globe.
Instead of using your digital display like a poster, think of it as a portal to relevant and helpful information presented dynamically to attract, engage and entertain customers using the techniques and tools of today's visual language.
Altair announced its plans to buy VisSim, a visual language for mathematical modeling, simulation and model-based embedded system development used by scientists and engineers.
27 -- features nine artists who "express the diversity of the visual language today as well as how we creatively acknowledge the importance of myths and folklores,'' according to guest curator Luis Antonio Fraire.
The Visual Language of Comics: Introduction to the Structure and Cognition of Sequential Images
Artists draw upon similar visual language to transform the Jesus who had been executed as a criminal into a powerful royal adjudicator.
Her carpet designing over the decades also represented her own visual language.
Visual language has always been a strong expression of different cultural outlooks and views, with art offering a window into that 'other' way.
These two meet, ultimately, in Atac's assertion that the visual language of Neo-Assyrian art expresses the esoteric worldview of an elite circle of scholars.

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