(also Vysun’, Vulsun’, and Isun), a river in Nikolaev Oblast, Ukrainian SSR, a right tributary of the Ingulets River. It is 201 km long and has a basin area of 2,670 sq km. The Visun’ rises in the Dnieper Uplands and flows south through the Black Sea Lowland. It is fed primarily by snow. At times the river dries up in its upper and lower reaches. The Visun’ is used for water supply.

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Guimaras Governor Samuel Gumarin received the PNLG flag on December 6, 2017 at Sanya Visun Yacht Hotel in Hainan Province, China as a symbol of acceptance for the hosting of the 2018 PNLG.
We want to turn our marina into a 'paradise for the rich'," Frank Lin, the general manager of Sanya Visun International Yacht Club, said.
Visun, Settathirat and Surinyavongsa ruled an extensive kingdom whose wealth, like that of neighbouring states, rested primarily on taxation of a rice-growing peasantry and royal monopoly of luxury trade.