Vitalii Mikhailovich Zholobov

Zholobov, Vitalii Mikhailovich


Born June 18, 1937, in the village of Zbur’evka, Kherson Oblast. Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR; colonel of the engineers. Hero of the Soviet Union (1976). Member of the CPSU since 1966.

After graduating in 1959 from the Azerbaijan Institute of Petroleum and Chemistry, Zholobov served in the Soviet Army. He graduated from the V. I. Lenin Military Political Academy in 1974.

Zholobov was named a cosmonaut in 1963. From July 6 to Aug. 24, 1976, flying with B. V. Volynov, he was the flight engineer aboard the Soyuz 21 spacecraft and the Salyut 5 orbiting station. His flight time was 49 days 6 hr 24 min.

Zholobov has been awarded the Order of Lenin and various medals.