Vitautas Juliono Klova

Klova, Vitautas Juliono


Born Jan. 31, 1926, in Tirk sliai, Mažeikiai Raion. Soviet composer. Honored Artist of the Lithuanian SSR (1959).

Klova graduated from A. I. Račiūnas’ course in composition at the conservatory of the Lithuanian SSR in 1951 (until 1948 he had studied with J. M. Gruodis). He is the author of the operas Pilėnai (1956; State Prize of the Lithuanian SSR, 1957), Vaiva (1958), The Daughter (1960; State Prize of the Lithuanian SSR, 1960), Two Swords (1966), and An American Tragedy (1969). He has also written symphonic works (Pictures of Vilnius, 1962; orchestral suite), concert! (for violin and orchestra, 1950; for piano and orchestra, 1953; for cello and orchestra, 1963), and other vocal and instrumental works. Klova is a docent at the Conservatory of the Lithuanian SSR.