a sail- and propeller-powered corvette, built in 1886 on Galernoe Island in St. Petersburg. It had a displacement of 3,200 tons and a cruising speed of 14 knots (26 km/hr); it was equipped with ten 152-mm, four 4-pound, and ten 47-mm guns and carried a crew of 372. From 1886 to 1889, under the command of Captain First Class S. O. Makarov, it sailed around the world, carrying on various oceanographic investigations of the waters of the Pacific Ocean (such as temperature conditions, density, and the nature of the floor). The collected material was summarized by Makarov in the monograph “Vitiaz’” and the Pacific Ocean (1894). The name Vitiaz’ was placed on the pediment of the Oceano-graphic Museum in Monaco with those often other ships. In 1892 it became a first-class cruiser. In April 1893 it broke up near the port of Lazarev (in the Nevel’skii straits).



a Soviet research vessel. Length, 109.4 m; width, 14.5 m; displacement of 5,546 tons; and cruising speed, 13.5 knots (25 km/hr). It has 12 laboratories, including aerometeorological, oceanographic, biological, and geological-geophysical sections. Since 1949 it has carried on thorough research in the seas of the Far East and in the Pacific and Indian oceans. New oceanographic, biological, and geo-logical data have been collected by expeditions of the Institute of Oceanography of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR on the Vitiaz’; these expeditions have studied several deep depressions in the Pacific Ocean and measured (in 1958) the deepest spot of the world ocean (in the Marianas Trench, 11,022m).


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On first arrival, the Americans were immediately identified with the important vuvumu Pango, who is known throughout the Vitiaz Straits trading region.
Twenty one (21) Filipino seafarers of Philippine vessel MV Foxhound led by Captain Jonathan Montel were rescued on October 17 by UK-registered and Chinese-owned vessel MV COSCO Shanghai after MV Foxhound sank along Vitiaz Strait in Northern New Guinea.
The Filipino seafarers were onboard Philippine vessel MV Foxhound, which sank along Vitiaz Strait in Northern New Guinea on October 17 due to inclement weather.
2 m, the most economical route is via Hydrographers Passage, Diamond Passage, Jomard Entrance, Vitiaz Strait, Sagewin Strait and Lombok Strait.
In the southwest tropical Pacific, waters derived from the South Equatorial Current (SEC) flow around the southeast tip of Papua New Guinea and enter the Bismarck Sea through Vitiaz Strait.
Rabaul bevels into the northeastern tip of New Britain, but Cape Gloucester juts up at the island's western end, creating the eastern boundary of the parallel Vitiaz and Dampier straits.
Analagous Lubki such as Slavnyi i sil 'nyi Vitiaz Eruslan Lazarevich (Moscow, 1889) and Bitva Bovy Korolevicha s Polkanom Bogatyrem (Moscow, 1889) can be found in (Russkii narodnyi lubok: albom] (Moscow, 1887-1889).
4 2930 tank gun [South Africa] 120 mm Compact Ruag Land Systems 6 2600 tank gun [Switzerland] 125 mm tank gun State Scientific and 6 n/a Vitiaz (prototype) Technical Centre [Ukraine] 120 mm State Scientific and n/a n/a tank gun Technical Centre [Ukraine] 120 mm L11 BAE Systems RO 6.
Harding (1967) described the contrast between saltwater people and mainlanders in northeastern New Guinea as a result of trade specializations in the Vitiaz Strait trading system, the system of long-distance trade that linked New Guinea and New Britain.
During the night Japanese destroyers delivered rescued survivors of the lost Kyokusei Mam to Lae and returned to the plodding convoy, which turned sharply through Vitiaz Strait and southeast towards Lae--into the range of Kenney's ready strike force.
Further west, this same trade network interconnects with and contributes to the trade networks of the Vitiaz Straits through the Siassi Islands to the Huon Peninsula and the Rai coast of mainland Papua New Guinea (see Harding 1967:10; 1994).
Trade and Culture History across the Vitiaz Strait.