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This study correlates environmental conditions such as soil characteristics and associated vegetation with three North American Vitis species.
A better understanding of the interactions of particular Vitis species with community composition and associated soil factors is necessary for effective use and breeding of grape rootstocks on which cultivation of V.
The seven Vitis species analyzed, V champinii Planchon, V.
Chromosome information recorded for the seven Vitis species analyzed, suggest that during the species diversification process the most crucial differences among them did not involve drastic changes in chromosome morphometry.
The subject of interspecific hybrids among Vitis species has an interesting history.
These grapes were predominantly hybrids of the Vitis species labrusca, aestivalis and riparia with occasional vinifera, and they were quickly rejected for unacceptable fruit and wine flavors.
Andrew Walker of UC Davis has spent most of his career breeding new rootstocks with a broad mix of Vitis species that include the old standards plus V.
Knowing these difficulties and also that the karyotype analysis is a useful tool for characterizing germplasm, chromosomal studies were carried out on seven Vitis species by employing NOR banding and Giemsa staining techniques in an attempt towards species characterization, aiming at further knowledge on a possible relationship among them at chromosomal level, therefore amplifying the chromosomal data on the Vitaceae family.
Walker took us into the field to have a firsthand look at some of the American Vitis species that have been used in rootstock breeding.
It was grafted to bottom stock--rootstock--which was a different Vitis species or hybrid.
Fortunately, sources of resistance to these problems are likely to exist in one or more of the many other Vitis species.
With phylloxera living for millions of years on numerous different Vitis species, in many different geographical locations in the U.