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a balneological resort in France, in the department of Vosges, located 60 km south of Nancy at an elevation of 335 m.

Vittel’s climate is mild, warm (with an average annual temperature of 9.8° C), and moderately humid. Summers are sunny and warm, with average July temperatures of 18.7° C. Winters are mild, with average January temperatures of 2° C. Annual precipitation totals 780 mm. Therapeutic remedies include springs of cold, slightly mineralized water of a sulfate-hydrocarbonate-calcium-magnesium type. This water is used for bathing and drinking. There is also mud-pack treatment. Patients with diseases of the kidneys, urinary and excretory tracts, liver, gall bladder, and gastrointestinal tract, as well as those with metabolic disturbances, are treated here. Vittel has a hydropathic clinic, a bathhouse, galleries for drinking water, hotels, boardinghouses, theaters, and sports facilities.


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Tain't any trouble," said Peg briskly; then, with one of the sudden changes to fierceness which made her such a terrifying personage, "Do yez think my vittels ain't clean?
Several experts have confirmed that the wells have very high quality water that is comparable in quality to luxury brands such as Evian, Fiji and Vittel and is listed as UNO water supplier in the United Nations Global Marketplace (incl.
Cavendish (above) does not expect to win a stage, let alone the overall race, after his horror 45mph smash in Vittel two months ago.
5 kilometre stage from Vittel was billed as the one which would bring true shape to the fight for yellow as the first of only three summit finishes in this Tour, and it delivered.
5km fifth stage from Vittel to La Planche des Belles Filles in the Vosges Mountains.
GERAINT Thomas and Mark Cavendish both fell in late crashes as Frenchman Arnaud Demare won stage four of the Tour de France in Vittel.
Sagan nudged Cavendish into the barriers just 120 metres from the line as they sprinted into Vittel, sending the Manxman to hospital for tests on his right shoulder and hand.
5km stage from Mondorf-les-Bains ended, but initial x-rays found no broken bones, leaving open the possibility he will be on the start line in Vittel today.
We have decided to disqualify Peter Sagan from Tour de France 2017 as he endangered some of his colleagues seriously in the final metres of the sprint which happened in Vittel," said race jury president Philippe Marien.
Peter Sagan is disqualified from the 2017 Tour de France after today's tumultuous sprint in Vittel," race jury president Philippe Marien told reporters.
July 4 -- Stage 4: Bad Mondorf, Luxemburg -- Vittel, France (207.
The food meal menu included Seacrest haddock fish curry, Tilda basmati rice, traditional fries cubes from Lambweston, Bridor micro pave thym, Balade labneh and Vittel water.