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Meaning "live" in Latin, Viv is an intelligent agent technology for third-party products. In development since 2013 by some of the creators of Apple's Siri virtual assistant, Viv was designed as a platform that developers can use to add voice-activated intelligence to their applications. Entitled "The Global Brain," the Viv artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are designed so that people can contribute data and vocabulary, and the more they do, the smarter it gets.

Superior Intelligence Via Integration
The goal of Viv is to handle the kinds of requests one can ask a human secretary. For example, today, a digital assistant can give you a list of flights from New York to San Francisco, but it cannot resolve the command "book a non-stop flight for me and my wife to visit our daughter Tuesday morning." The goal of Viv is to complete such a transaction by tying together data from its users and the external world.

Acquired by Samsung in 2016, Viv technology was integrated into the Bixby personal assistant. For more information, visit See virtual assistant and Bixby.
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With the acquisition of Viv, the company's founding team will continue to remain autonomously while now working closely with Samsung's mobile communications business.