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see VishakhapatnamVishakhapatnam
or Visakhapatnam
, city (1991 pop. 1,057,118), Andhra Pradesh state, SE India, a port on the Bay of Bengal. Established by the British in the 17th cent.
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, India.


, Visakhapatnam, Vizagapatam
a port in E India, in NE Andhra Pradesh on the Bay of Bengal: shipbuilding and oil-refining industries. Pop.: 969 608 (2001)
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One of a pair of Anglo-Indian bureau-cabinets, late 18th century, Vizagapatam, India, wood and ivory, ht 92cm.
Ramabrahmam, President of the Vizagapatam Chamber of Commerce and Industry, M.
A recent sale saw a fine 19th century Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam ivory work and writing box sell for PS850 In a recent column I told you about a forthcoming sale in a rather large stately house.
In Madras, the ratings of HMIS Adyar and in Vizagapatam the ratings of Sonavati and Ahmedabad marched in procession to the city carrying Indian flags and shouting slogans Inquilab-Zindabad.