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a high official in certain Muslim countries, esp in the former Ottoman Empire. Viziers served in various capacities, such as that of provincial governor or chief minister to the sultan
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title of ministers and highest dignitaries in many Islamic countries. In the Ottoman Empire the supreme or grand vizier (vezir-i-azam, sard-azam) headed the government (the Porte), issued orders (fermans) in the name of the sultan, and signed peace treaties. With the termination of the sultanate in Turkey (1922), this office was abolished.

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Arjomand points out that 'virtually all the great Seljuq and il-Kahnid viziers were executed' (p.
The Kadizadeli movement is introduced, whose growing influence on the elite suffered a set-back when Koprulu Mehmed Pasha became grand vizier in 1656.
While sixteenth-century Ottoman sultans tended to rule for relatively long periods, the same cannot be said of viziers who often enjoyed only a few months of power and control.
User held the position of vizier for 20 years, also earning the titles of prince and mayor of the city.
Headed by the Grand Vizier, the participants of the meeting consisted of Kubbealti vezirleri (the viziers of the dome), the Rumeli and Anadolu Kadiasker's, the Defterdar (ministers of finance) and Nisanci (an officer whose duty was to inscribe the Sultan's imperial monogamy over all imperial letters-patent).
By the seventeenth century Ottoman custom inhibited either the Sultans or the viziers from commissioning or purchasing pictures.
The son of a BiVid vizier, Ibn Abbad became one of the century's most prominent political figures, serving as vizier for two Biayid amirs of western Iran.
Ishaq al-Tusi, better known as Nizam al-ME-lk, who, with his vast experience and wisdom, served as the vizier of Seljuk sultans, Alp Arslan and Malik Shah, in the late 11th century, which was filled with more complicated and chaotic events compared to our time.
515/1121), the former a kind of vizier to al-Hakim and the latter vizier to al-Amir.
Seven Wise Mastersalso called The Seven Viziers, The Story of the Seven Sages, or Sinbadnameh ("The Book of Sindbad") A cycle of stories, presumably Indian in origin, that made its way through Middle Persian and Arabic into Western lore.
Though the seizing of children was an intrinsically brutal procedure, it could have obvious benefits not only for the boys themselves, many of whom went on to become senior pashas and viziers, but also for their families, with whom they could later restore contacts.
277-416) is by Christine Raedler and mostly comprises a comprehensive catalogue of attestations of the northern and southern viziers of Ramesses II.