(Higher Art and Technical Institute).

(1) An institution of learning, created in Petrograd in 1922 from the Academy of Arts and existing until 1930.

(2) An institution of higher learning in Moscow, created in 1926 after the reorganization of Vkhutemas. Basically, Vkhutein preserved the organizational framework of Vkhutemas, its staff of teachers, and its pedagogical principles. During the four years of its existence, Vkhutein’s pedagogical system gradually evolved toward a return to traditional methods of instruction, which were primarily oriented toward the training of painters. A lesser place in the institute’s work was assigned to the training of designers. The institute was closed in 1930. In 1930 the Institute of Proletarian Fine Arts was created in Leningrad by the merger of the painting and sculpture departments of the Moscow and the Leningrad Vkhuteins. After its reorganization in 1932 it was called the Institute of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture. Out of the architecture department of the Moscow Vkhutein and the architectural section of the building department of the Moscow Higher Technical School was created the Higher Institute of Architecture and Building. Since 1933 it has been called the Moscow Architectural Institute.


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VKhUTEMAS would go on to be replaced by Vysshiye Khudozhestvenno-Tekhnicheskiye Institutum (hereafter VKhUTEIN, which can be translated as "Higher Art and Technical Institute") in 1926 as "institute" was replaced "studios", in which there were seven departments: painting, sculpture, architecture, ceramics, metal and woodwork, textiles and typography.