Vladimir Baranov

Baranov, Vladimir Andreevich


Born Sept. 3 (15), 1872, in the village of Mikulino, Samara Province; died Feb. 14, 1942, in Kazan. Soviet astronomer and gravimetrist.

Baranov was a professor at the University of Kazan and director of the Kazan Observatory. He compiled two catalogs of the positions of variable stars. He observed the minor planets, comets, and binary stars and tried to determine the force of gravity in the eastern regions of the European part of the USSR.

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Vladimir Baranov, Vanare's Chief Technology Officer, mentioned.
It's the only place in the world they come so close to the shore," said Vladimir Baranov, a senior researcher with Moscow's Institute of Oceanology, who films the Belugas close up underwater in their natural setting.
The CanWest Global Communications Corporation $25,000 Manning Award of Distinction, given to leading Canadian innovators since 1982, has been awarded to Scott Tanner and Vladimir Baranov, both research scientists at MDS Sciex, for their invention of the Dynamic Reaction Cell (DRC).
Isonics has provided us with an excellent opportunity to make important scientific contributions to the world security marketplace," said academician Vladimir Baranov, director of the Institute of Molecular Physics, the oldest division of the Kurchatov Institute.