Vladimir Giliarovskii

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Giliarovskii, Vladimir Alekseevich


Born Nov. 26 (Dec. 8), 1853, on an estate in Vologda Province; died Oct. 1, 1935, in Moscow. Soviet Russian writer.

Giliarovskii spent close to ten years wandering around Russia working as a barge hauler, stevedore, fireman, and provincial actor. His first book of stories, Slum Dwellers, was destroyed by order of the tsarist censor. Giliarovskii’s major works were written after 1917. In his books Moscow and Muscovites (1926), My Wanderings (1928), People of the Theater (published, 1941), and Newspaper Moscow (published, 1960), old Russia comes alive: life among barge haulers, the urban poor, and theater people and the mores and customs of old Moscow. Giliarovskii had a talent for depicting life: his works mirror the events, encounters, and adventures of his stormy, rich life. The Giliarovskii Museum was founded in the village of Kartino (Ruza Raion, Moscow Oblast).


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