Vladimír Remek

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Remek, Vladimír


Born Sept. 26, 1948, in České Budĕjovice. Pilot-cosmonaut of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic; major. Hero of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic (1978). Member of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia since 1968. The first citizen of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic to fly in space.

Remek graduated from the Higher Aviation School in Košice in 1970 and the Iu. A. Gagarin Air Force Academy in 1976. He is serving in an air unit of the Czechoslovak People’s Army.

Remek was chosen in 1976 as a candidate for manned spaceflight in the Intercosmos program; he completed training at the Iu. A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. From Mar. 2 to Mar. 10, 1978, he flew with A. A. Gubarev aboard the Soyuz 28 spacecraft and the Salyut 6 orbiting station, which was being manned by Iu. V. Romanenko and G. M. Grechko and was docked with Soyuz 27. Remek’s flight time was 7 days 22 hr 16 min.

Remek was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union in 1978.

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The other keynote speaker was Czech MEP Vladimir Remek (GUE-NGL).
The Parliament's rapporteur, Vladimir Remek (GUE, Czech Republic), feels that while these additional costs are a serious issue, they must also be put into context: indeed, the development, deployment and fine-tuning of the US' competitor system, GPS, cost around US$40 billion.
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