Vladimir Semenovich Dokturovskii

Dokturovskii, Vladimir Semenovich


Born Nov. 6 (18), 1884, in Nikolaev; died Mar. 20, 1935, in Moscow. Soviet botanist.

Dokturovskii graduated from Moscow University in 1907. He began to work in the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden in 1908. Rejoined the department of farming in 1912. In Moscow from 1918 he was director of the botanical section of the Scientific-Experimental Peat Institute (1922-30) and teacher in a number of institutions of higher education. He compiled a detailed characterization of bogs in the European USSR, Transcaucasia, Western Siberia, and the Far East. He investigated the history of vegetation in the USSR in the Anthropogenic period. Dokturovskii was one of the pioneers in the use of the spore-pollen method of analysis.


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