Vladimir Vasilevich Rzhevskii

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Rzhevskii, Vladimir Vasil’evich


Born July 23,1919, in the village of Vorontsovo-Aleksandrovskoe, now the city of Zelenokumsk, Stavropol’ Krai. Soviet mining scientist. Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR since 1966. Member of the CPSU since 1943.

Rzhevskii graduated from the Moscow Mining Institute in 1941, and in 1949 he began teaching at the institute. He was appointed professor in 1958 and rector of the institute in 1962. Rzhevskii initiated the development and introduction of new curricula for mining engineers for the mining industry of the USSR. His main work has been devoted to the theory and practice of opencut mining and the physics of rock and mining processes. He devised a method for geometric analysis of opencut fields and for planning operating conditions.

Rzhevskii was awarded honorary doctorates from the Freiberg Mining Academy (German Democratic Republic) and Technical University of Heavy Industry in Miskolc (Hungary). He has received three orders and several medals.


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