Vladimir Veliaminov-zernov

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Vel’iaminov-zernov, Vladimir Vladimirovich


Born Oct. 31 (Nov. 12), 1830, in St. Petersburg; died Jan. 17 (30), 1904, in Kiev. Russian historian, orientalist, linguist, numismatist, and archaeologist. Academician of the St. Petersburg Academy of Sciences (1861).

In 1850, Vel’iaminov-Zernov graduated from the Aleksan-drovskii Lyceum. From 1851 he served in the Asiatic Department. Vel’iaminov-Zernov’s major works were devoted to the history of the oriental peoples who had come under Russian dominion. His works include Historical Information on the Kirghiz-Kaisaks and Russia’s Relations With Middle Asia Since the Death of Abul-Khayr-Khan (1748-1765) (vols. 1-2, 1853-55); Sources for the Study of the Tarkhan Granted to the Bashkirs by the Russian Sovereigns (1864); and Study on the Kasim Kings and Their Sons (vols. 1-3, 1863-66). Vel’iaminov-Zernov’s works, which were written on the basis of annals, chronicles, and documents, are valued for the great amount of factual material in them. From 1888 to 1902, Vel’iaminov-Zernov was a trustee of the Kiev school district.


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