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The match between the sensitivity of the auditory system and the energy spectrum of sender vocalizations influences the signal-to-noise ratio for receivers (Capranica and Moffat, 1983; Endler, 1992; Gerhardt and Schwartz, 2001).
Vocalization recording and analysis: Audio recordings were made over a continuous 24-h period for three days (three replications).
Considering the data set (n = 693 windows average of 5 s) and the criteria for establishing a trend toward silence (5 s window average <0.40) or vocalization (mean 5 s window [greater than or equal to] 0.41) it was obtained the following distribution: 3.5% corresponding to silence and 96.5% are vocalization.
According to Zepp, vocalization works year-round, though that can vary by location.
Huehnergard makes full use of vocalizations in the grammar, a decision that I applaud wholeheartedly for the same pedagogical and heuristic reasons that he himself offers (p.
Increased vocalization is also frequently observed in cats during mating behavior.
Interestingly, whitetails might be nearly as talkative, but their vocalizations go largely unnoticed.
Table 1 Mean(Range) number of vocalization per minute, and Standard Deviation(SD) under Baseline No Food, Mand Training,and DRO conditions for Mimi and Anna Condition\Baby Baseline M( Mand 1 M DRO 1 M Mand 2 M Range) SD (Range) SD (Range) SD (Range) SD Mimi 1.0(0-3.0) 5.13(1.7-7.7) 1.46(0-7.7) 5.33(1.0-9.7) 0.98 1.68 2.33 3.36 Anna 0.67(0-3.7) 3.10(0-7.7) 0.13(0-0.7) 4.96(0.7-8.7) 1.0 0.23 2.59 1.06 Condition\Baby DRO 2 M (Range) SD Mimi 2.33(0.3-5.7) 2.21 Anna 1.40(0-3.0) 2.28 Results
5c) were the most commonly detected ribbon seal vocalization, representing 37% of total calls included in repertoire analysis.
Dogs--they are loyal, loving, and always there to lend an ear when you need it most but, when it comes to understanding their vocalizations, let's just say it can get lost in translation.