Voeikov, Aleksandr

Voeikov, Aleksandr Fedorovich


Born Aug. 30 (Sept. 10), 1779, in Moscow; died June 16 (28), 1839, in St. Petersburg. Russian poet and journalist.

Voeikov was born into a noble family. He was a member of the literary society Arzamas and was close to A. S. Pushkin’s circle. He began to publish in 1797. During the years 1814-20, Voeikov was a professor at the University of Dorpat. He was editor (1822-38) of the newspaper Russkii invalid, the Literaturnye pribavleniia (Literary Supplements) to the Russkii invalid (1831-39), and other newspapers. Voeikov’s pamphlets in verse The Madhouse (1814, with supplements up to 1838) and The Parnassian Directory (1818-20) were marked by their satirical accuracy in characterizing contemporary literary figures.


In Poety-satiriki kontsa XVIII-nachala XIX vv. Leningrad, 1959. (With an introduction, selection of text, and notes by G. V. Ermakova-Bitner.)