Voices of the Vampire Community

Voices of the Vampire Community

(pop culture)

Founded in 2006, Voices of the Vampire Community (VVC) is a loose association of groups of self-identified vampires that seeks to promote cordial relationships among the varied vampire groups (variously described as houses, covens, orders, etc). VVC encourages cooperative problem solving by the community through the promoting of respect for others in spite of differing views and approaches.

VVC has held multiple gatherings that brought together more than a dozen vampire groups like the Atlanta Vampire Alliance and Michelle Beranger‘s House Kheperu to discuss issues in the Vampire community. Prominent issues include responding to media requests for information, correcting false stereotypes in print and the Internet, and dealing with people believed to be intentionally spread false information about the community. They also attempt to answer questions put to it by inquirers, especially youthful one.

VVC is part of an emerging semi-public aspect of the vampire community as it emerged in the 1990s. It has an Internet site at http://www.veritasvosliberabit.com/vvc.html. They have made brief videos answering questions about vampirism and posted them on YouTube.


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