Volcanic Ash

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volcanic ash

[väl′kan·ik ′ash]
Fine pyroclastic material; particle diameter is less than 4 millimeters.

Volcanic Ash


an incorrect but widespread name for a product of the natural pulverization of magma; it consists of a mixture of dust and sand, with a particle size less than 2 mm. Admixtures of foreign rocks are characteristic. It occurs as a result of the atomization of liquid or solid lavas of various compositions.

Depending on the size of the particles, the force of the eruption, and the wind, volcanic ash can settle at significant distances from the place of the eruption. Thus, for example, during the explosion of Bezymiannyi Volcano (on Kamchatka) in 1956, ash floated as far as Great Britain, and during the explosion of Krakatoa (Indonesia) in 1883, the smallest volcanic dust particles floated almost twice around the world.

Volcanic ash is used to make light concretes, glass for containers, cement, thermal-insulation material, and filtration material. It is also used as a medium for growing plants.

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Volcanic ash consists of powder-size to sand-size particles that have been blown into the air by an erupting volcano.
We urge affected individuals to wear dust masks or anything to cover their nose and mouth to protect them from catching harmful emissions from the volcanic ash.
Reliable estimates of the frequency of volcanic ash events could help airlines, insurance companies and the travelling public mitigate the economic losses and disruption caused by ash clouds in the future,' emphasises lead author Dr Liz Watson, also from the Leeds School of Geography.
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The research team, led by ITESM student Sergio Castillo Romero, has filed a petition with the Instituto Mexicano de la Propiedad Industrial (IMPI) to patent the procedure to treat denim with volcanic ash, which allows producers to manufacture cloth without having to use large machines.
Isolated rat or human macrophages exposed to volcanic ash for 2 hr were fixed overnight with 2.
The two cameras have been tuned to see the signature of silicates, which are the components that make up volcanic ash," the Daily Mail quoted Dr Prata as saying.
From midday (AEST) on 23 June 2011 services will be resumed as the volcanic ash plume from Chilean volcano Cordon Caulee moves away from the area to the east of northern Tasmania.
Volcanic ash causes flight disruptions in Australia, New Zealand Airlines have started to resume some flights to and from Melbourne, Tasmania and New Zealand after volcanic ash forced hundreds of flight cancellations over the weekend.
Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre forecaster Graham Weston told ABC radio that cold air from the south of Western Australia was pushing the ash towards Perth.