Volcanic Neck

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volcanic neck

[väl′kan·ik ′nek]
A residual remnant of the pipe or throat of a volcano that was filled with solidified lava after its final eruption.

Volcanic Neck


a round or ellipsoidal cylindrical magmatic body composed of effusive rock or pyroclastic materials, or a combination of both. These materials originally filled the volcanic channel (vent) through which lava rose to the surface. When erosion occurs, the volcanic neck stands out sharply on the surface of the earth.

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Key words: volcanic neck, Lahar, Llanos Border, Eastern Cordillera.
Altogether, 314 surface exposures of basalt-like rocks have been counted in Lower Silesia, including: 156 small veins (sills and dykes), 89 fragments of lava flows, 44 volcanic necks, 22 plugs and veins bearing fragments of lava flows, and 3 isolated tuff and conglomerate occurrences (Jerzmanski and Sliwa, 1979).
Aside from Cargill's vast phosphate deposit near Kapuskasing (which is refined into fertilizer), Cosec knows of no other producers in the Sudbury basin for the simple reason these rocks are hard to find in volcanic necks, as are diamonds.