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a city in Sverdlovsk Oblast, RSFSR. Rail-road station (Lesnaia Volchanka) on the Serov-Severoural’sk branch line. Population, 18,000 (1970). Since 1944, Volchansk has been the site for the strip mining of coal. The city has coal-enriching plants.


Shuvalov, E. L. Krasnotur’insk, Karpinsk, Severoural’sk, Volchansk. Sverdlovsk, 1957.



a city, the center of Volchansk Raion, Kharkov Oblast, Ukrainian SSR. Located on the Volch’ia River (Don Basin). Railroad station on the Kupiansk-Belgorod line. Population, 22,000(1970).

Volchansk has footwear, textiles, and handicrafts factories; an oil mill; a wagon shop; a creamery; and construction-materials and meat-packing plants. There is a technicum for the mechanization of agriculture, a medical school, and a historical and regional studies museum. Volchansk was founded in 1674 and has been a city since 1780.

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Address : The Russian Federation, 624941, Sverdlovsk region, Volchansk g, Socialist, 6
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